2016 Frank Armitage Lecture Series

Frank Armitage epitomizes the word “visual genius.”

His murals, his amazing background paintings for Disney classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins and the Jungle Book, his inside-the-body landscape paintings for Life Magazine, designs for Disney theme parks, and his Academy Award-winning set designs for the motion picture The Fantastic Voyage, are nothing short of legendary.

In 2006, Frank Armitage donated much of his medical art collection to the Biomedical Visualization graduate program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. That same year, the College of Applied Health Sciences and the Biomedical Visualization graduate program established the Frank Armitage Lecture Series, both to honor this visionary and to highlight other “visual geniuses” who translate complex biomedical information into visual form. The lecture brings together experts from various disciplines in order to explore new opportunities for science visualization in the 21st Century.

This year’s lecture series will take place Nov. 5-7th at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Featured speakers on Sunday, Nov. 6th, include Karen Armitage (Wife of Frank); Bob Weiss, president of Walt Disney Imagineering; Jan Aspelin Schegler; Scott Barrows and Edmond Alexander. These lectures will focus on Frank’s extraordinary work and life as well as his impact on the field and on the lives of those close to him.

On Monday, Nov. 7th, there will be a morning critique of UIC and University of Toronto students’ work by a few of the lecturers. Later in the morning, talks will be given by Nick Woolridge, Cristian Luciano, and Alan Detton. Detton will also be presenting a demonstration of 3D4Medical, an innovative anatomy teaching app. The afternoon session will feature talks by Matt Cirigliano, Anthony Faiola, Christine Armstrong, and Natalie Doolittle. These lectures will focus on current issues, techniques and innovations in the field of biomedical visualization presented by those currently working and researching in the field who share Frank Armitage’s vision.

Please join us in honoring the legacy of Frank Armitage and his legacy in the field of medical illustration and scientific visualization across numerous disciplines. The event is free to attend. More information can be found at the lecture series’ website: http://bvis.uic.edu/armitage/


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