2015 O.A. Parkes Symposium & Student Conference


The 2015 O.A. Parkes Symposium and Student Conference will be taking place in Augusta, Georgia on March 13th & 14th.  Students and faculty from the graduate programs at The University of Illinois at Chicago (Biomedical Visualization), Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Medical and Biological Illustration), and the University of Toronto (Biomedical Communications) will be joining with Georgia Regents University (Medical Illustration) for a meeting of the minds.  Students and guests from the Master’s programs at Rochester Institute of Technology and Maastricht University (Scientific Illustration), as well as the Undergraduate programs at Iowa State University (Scientific and Premedical Illustration) and the Lamar Dodd School of Art will also be in attendance.  This will be an extraordinary opportunity for the students and faculty from these programs to come together and exchange ideas, share research, and network!

From the GRU website:

About the Symposium & Conference

The world-renowned Dept. of Medical Illustration at Georgia Regents University is honored to host the O.A. Parkes Symposium & International Student Conference on Medical Illustration. Scheduled for March 13 and 14, 2015, the event will take place in Augusta, GA.

There will be plenary presentations, concurrent sessions and workshops involving graphic and media techniques, medical science, and business topics. Continuing education credits will be available to most sessions. There will be a Salon of print works and a Theatre for animation and media presentations.

The conference will bring together students, faculty and professionals from around the world who share a common interest in the field, yet who have diverse approaches and methods for creating visual imagery in the life sciences. Projected attendance is 60 students, 15 faculty and 75 professional medical illustrators. Via digital and print materials, we also hope to attract students, faculty and researchers with an interest in visual perception, informatics, health science education, and health promotion.

The purpose is to encourage the free exchange of information and the genesis of new media concepts through individual and group interactions.

The goal is visualizing better health.

About O.A. Parkes

Professor O.A. “Norrie” Parkes was a student of Max Brödel in the Art as Applied to Medicine program at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In 1949, Norrie arrived in Augusta to become Director of the newly formed Art as Applied to Medicine department at the then-named Medical College of Georgia. Through his efforts, the Board of Regents approved the Master of Science in Medical Illustration degree in 1950. Under his leadership, the Georgia Program became the first accredited graduate program in the field, in 1967. He retired in 1974.

About Medical Illustration

Medical illustration is a truly transdisciplinary field—a creative, synergistic combination of the visual arts, the health sciences, education, and communications. Historically, its roots were fully evident by the Renaissance, as seen in the work of research anatomists and educators such as Andreas Vesalius and in the artwork of the great figurative artists such as Leonardo DaVinci. Today the course of study in medical illustration focuses on the conceptualization, planning, design, production, implementation and evaluation of visual solutions for complex communication and education problems in the life and health sciences. These visual solutions incorporate a variety of media—from pen & ink drawings to 3D animation, and from instructional games to physiological simulators.

Additional information about GRU and the event can be found HERE.


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