At Long Last – Videos From the Armitage Lecture Series!

For those of you who missed the 2014 Frank Armitage Lecture Series and the marathon day of festivities, you are in luck!  Here you will find 4 videos from the various lectures that were held throughout the day.  The Fall semester has come to a close, but hopefully these videos will tide you over until the BVIS students return in the Spring, when more tales of their escapades will become available for you to peruse in blog form.  Enjoy!

1. An introduction to the Frank Armitage Lecture Series by BVIS alum Natalie Doolittle:


2. “Biomedical Applications of the Mimics Innovation Suite” – with Materialise Rep Eric Renteria:


3. “Live Cell Photography” – with Gabriel Popescu, PhD:


4. “What Vesalius Saw” – with Daniel Garrison, PhD:




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