BVIS Students Collaborate with the Department of Neuroscience

Last Spring the BVIS Graphic Design course taught by Professor Hughes got the chance to create promotional materials for the Department of Neuroscience at UIC. Dr. Corcos, the chairperson for the department, approached BVIS chair John Daugherty about a possible collaboration.

“I wanted to integrate different Departments in the College in some way into the program, “ Says Dr. Corcos. “I made contact with different departments and began correspondence with Donna Hughes and John Daugherty. I discussed with them how to use the tremendously talented students of BVIS to help us make promotional material, and the rest, as they say is history.”

  l GPN_brochure_Valentine_final-1 GPN_brochure_Valentine_final-2

This collaboration resulted in the Neuroscience Department’s usage of brochures designed by second year students Audrey Valentine (above) and Dorothy Fatunmbi (below).

Brochure 5 Brochure 5

Professor Hughes also saw the collaboration as a positive and valuable learning experience. “Besides learning principles of multi-page layout and expression of complex information as part of the class, the students learned about working directly with a client. They listened to Dr. Corcos’ objectives for the brochure, created designs based on those objectives, and then each made a concept presentation to him for feedback. He was very kind, helpful, and encouraging—a perfect client. The students whose work was chosen for publication also learned about the many intricate challenges of preparing a design for print.”

Even though the assignment was originally about brochures, one image by Amy Sojka was so striking that the decision to create a banner was made.

Amy poster

Her banner will be featured at UIC’s booth for the National Society of Neuroscience meeting this November in San Diego.

After the success of this first collaboration, the good news is that it won’t be the last. Professor Hughes tells us that the Advanced Graphic Design class is currently working on designing a logo for the Integrative Physiology Lab with Dr. Tracey Baynard and that students will be presented their concepts last week.

Special thanks to Donna Hughes, Dr. Corcos and Amy Sojka for their time in answering questions about this project.



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  1. acsojka

    Thank you Rachel for writing a lovely summary of our work with the GPN. I’m glad we were able to help them in their quest to take over the world with NEUROSCIENCE!

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