Say Hello to the Class of 2015!


The school year has officially begun again, and with its start comes a new group of students here at UIC. It’s been a pleasure getting the chance to meet the class of 2015 over the last week. Even before classes began, we’ve been keeping them busy with orientation, going to the Art Institute of Chicago and a trip to Vitruvian Studio where they got the chance to create some écorché figures with Melinda Whitmore. Xochitl Vinaja had plenty to say about their day there: “Vitruvian Studios is an AMAZING place. The space itself is just a pleasure to work in: welcoming, spacious, creative, and just great energy. The highlight of the experience was Melinda & David. They are incredible, incredible people with true mastery of their skills and so much knowledge. I can’t wait to go back and take classes… whenever I have time again… probably after I graduate.”

This semester, they’ll be taking Gross Anatomy, Anatomical Visualization, Computer Applications and a class in Health Informatics. Kate Lamy says that she is most looking forward to the Anatomical Visualization class this semester, “The figure has always been the main subject of my work, and I cannot express how eager I am to learn how to accurately visualize different parts of human anatomy through the projects in this class. I also feel like this class will give me a great chance to really reinforce and apply what I learn from Gross Anatomy.”

It will be exciting to see what work they will produce this year, and I for one can’t wait to start bragging about it all here on this blog!

For a full list of students, please visit our updated Current Class and Alumni page!


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