Visualizing the Pelvis and Knee Joint

During the first semester at BVIS, students take Anatomical Visualization, a course that practices traditional illustration techniques and conventions.  The second assignment for Anatomical Visualization is an exercise in perspective, challenging students to draft a section of the human skeleton in correct perspective, as well as a a cross-section of it in the same perspective view with the help of  imaging software like Osirix. This year, the class of 2014 created illustrations featuring the human pelvis.

Although the assignments review the same foundations for medical illustrating each year, the drawing subjects can vary each year. During their first semester at BVIS, the class of 2013 completed the same perspective assignment, featuring the knee joint. These illustrations depicted three views showing the full joint, a cross section of the joint, and one featuring the bio-mechanics of the knee.

What subjects would you like to see illustrated in the future?  Do you have a favorite for your own illustrations?


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