Preview Exhibition @ NMHM Chicago

 Last week was the first preview exhibition for the National Museum of Health and Medicine Chicago, titled “Medicine on the Front Lines – The Evolution of Battlefield Surgery.”

The main NMHM is located in Silver Spring, MD, just north of Washington.  Chicago was lucky enough to have been picked to build the very first satellite branch.  Although the interior of most of the museum is still underway, the first preview exhibit was held last Thursday.  Two BVIS second year students, Amie Zimmerman and Jennifer Rogers, have been helping with creating the exhibit from scratch.

With wall-to-wall flatscreens, the show featured interactive slideshows and installations documenting the progression of military medicine (possibly as a homage to the museum’s roots starting as the Army Medical Museum during the Civil War). Despite the breathtaking amount of technology, it seems this was only a fraction of what the museum plans to do with the space when its finished (we are talking floor to ceiling interactive technology).






Congrats to NMHMC and Amie and Jen for putting on such an elegant affair!


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