Objectify This! Gallery Opening

Last Friday, Design Cloud Chicago hosted the opening for Objectify This! an anatomy based art show curated by BVIS alum Vanessa Ruiz of Street Anatomy. The show features fantastic anatomical artworks by artists like Fernando Vicente, Jason Levesque, Cake, Michael Reedy, and a ton of others. Quoted from the Street Anatomy site:

“Historically, female anatomy has been represented by medical illustrations predominantly as a variation of the male form in terms of reproductive organs and surface anatomy. There are a multitude of societal, cultural, and religious reasons that have established this ideal, in addition to the fine line between female anatomy and eroticism,” says Vanessa Ruiz, founder of Street Anatomy and curator of the exhibition.  “This show will compel viewers to question the objectivity surrounding ‘female anatomy’ and define—or re-define—their own perceptions through the art, perspectives, literature, and live burlesque performances.”

As a pledge to our love of anatomy, some BVIS students and graduates were there.


The show is open until September 29th @ Design Cloud, LLC, 118 N. Peoria St. 2N, Chicago, IL.  Go to the Street Anatomy Exhibition Page for more information about the show or a preview of some of the artists!


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